Geropsychiatric services


Focusing on adults aged 60 years and older, our Geropsychiatric Center provides information and treatment for patients and their families about the specific problems related to the aging brain and body, along with understanding the social stressors unique to older adults. Our Geropsychiatric services are also focused on reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions, managing appropriate off-label use of medications, and Managing gradual dose reductions of psychotropics.

Our Geropsychiatric Outpatient Program treatment team is composed of a board-certified, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who provides outpatient consultations and medication management, comprehensive medical, psychiatric assessment and diagnostic services to treat acute psychiatric illness in older adults in a sensitive, caring manner.

Program Description

Our Geropsychiatric outpatient Program provides comprehensive assessment and intensive treatment to older adults with a variety of acute emotional health problems and their family members.

Program Goals

To provide comprehensive medical and psychiatric assessment and diagnostic services.

To treat acute psychiatric illness in older adults in a sensitive, caring manner.

To assist patients in regaining and maintaining their highest level of functioning by emphasizing health coping skills.

To assist patients and their families in identifying and obtaining necessary financial, social, and medical resources.


Program Services


Comprehensive evaluation to identify individual strengths and needs which leads to the development of a treatment program with the client.

Psychiatric Supervision and Medication Management

Comprehensive treatment services to address medical and psychiatric issues. Patients are encouraged to continue to see their private psychiatrists and medical doctors for continuity of care.


Individual Psychotherapy

Planned outpatient visits with a primary therapist.

For more information about the Geropsychiatric Outpatient Program or to make an appointment please call us at 443-868-4107


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